Assorted Boxes - Fibre Washers - Metric (600 Pieces)

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  • Box of Assorted Metric Red Fibre-Washers
  • This assorted box contains 600 units
  • 8 sizes Vulcanised Red Sealing Washers
  • Useful in Electrical/Automotive/Plumbing and Marine situations


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Assorted box contents:

SKU Product Quantity
GTSE-FBW121815 Fibre Washer 12x18x1.5 30
GTSE-FBW12242 Fibre Washer 12x24x2 30
GTSE-FBW10161 Fibre Washer 10x16x1 50
GTSE-FBW142015 Fibre Washer 14x20x1.5 30
GTSE-FBW10141 Fibre Washer 10x14x1 80
GTSE-FBW162215 Fibre Washer 16x22x1.5 25
GTSE-FBW8121 Fibre Washer 8x12x1 50
GTSE-FBW182415 Fibre Washer 18x24x1.5 25
GTSE-FBW6101 Fibre Washer 6x10x1 120
GTSE-FBW18292 Fibre Washer 18x29x2 20
GTSE-FBW591 Fibre Washer 5x9x1 120
GTSE-FBW202415 Fibre Washer 20x24x1.5 20