How to make a nature-friendly garden

Posted by Tom on 18th Mar 2022

Up and down the UK, new infrastructure and developments have had an impact on the natural habitats of local wildlife, with many bugs, birds, and mammals pushed out of their permanent homes. But thi … read more

How to Make Your Home More Efficient

Posted by Adina on 8th Dec 2021

The push to improve sustainability in the home has never been stronger. And with inflation rising to a ten-year high of 4.2%, and Ofgem revealing that their price cap is set to make bills rise b … read more

Five ways to guarantee a damage-free Christmas

Posted by Tom on 12th Nov 2021

As Christmas fast-approaches, you might be starting to think about decorating your home. And, after last year’s low-key festivities, who could blame you for going all out? But, if you’re not car … read more