Biodegradable Cable Ties

bio.pngThe idea for a biodegradable cable tie product has come about as a result of the cable tie industry and the market as a whole recognising the need to have a more ecological and environmentally friendly solution to the cable tie use case. Here at GTSE we are keen to ensure that we are giving the option to our customers who want to explore this new material and way of using a staple product.

Our biodegradable cable ties decompose under prolonged exposure to UV light, heat, moisture and microorganisms. The time to biodegrade is a minimum of 2 years, however this is dependent on the conditions under which they are stored or used. Once decomposition starts, the ties will break and start to biodegrade.

Ideal applications:

It is essential that these cable ties are used for temporary use due to their biodegradable composition. Environments such as

    • Temporary construction 
    • Events 
    • Operations 
    • Landscaping  

Are ideal for the degrading nature of these ties. These cable ties are quick and simple to install, in the same manner as their plastic counterparts.

Cable Tie Certifications

Biodegradable material conforms to the following industry standards:

NF EN 13432 : 2000

ASTM D6400 : 2004