Electrical Insulation Tape

Our PVC electrical insulation tape is industry standard and offered at competitive prices. Moisture and UV resistant, flame retardant (BS EN 60454-3-1) this tape is perfect for electrical installations, commercial wiring projects and home DIY. The PVC electrical insulation tape is sold in packs of 10 rolls with a discount applied when 5+ or 10+ packs are purchased. Available in 11 different colours and 3 tape lengths; 33m; 20m; and 5m. GTSE offers a comprehensive range of tape, including masking tapeduct tapepackaging tapefoil taperepair tape and many other specialist tapes. Discover our Tape Buyer's Guides for additional information. 



What is electrical tape used for?
Electrical tape, also known as insulating tape, serves as a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape used for the insulation of electrical wires and other conductive materials.

What is electrical tape made of?
Electrical tape is commonly manufactured using PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and features a layer of adhesive applied on one side, providing secure adhesion when wrapped around electrical wires and other conductive surfaces. It can also be commonly known as vinyl tape within the industry. 

Can electrical tape touch exposed wire?
Electrical tape can be used to cover and safeguard exposed wires, it is crucial to apply the tape properly to avoid any potential safety hazards. Taking care to follow the correct application method ensures effective insulation and minimises the risk of electrical accidents.

When was electrical tape invented?

Electrical tape was invented more than 75 years ago by American inventors Snell, Oace, and Eastwold from The 3M Company. Before they created PVC electrical tape, electricians were using tape made of cotton, which was weak and unreliable for the job it needed to do.

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