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Cable Ties Buyers Guides

Our cable ties buyers guides will explore everything there is to know about cable ties, giving you a complete guide of everything cable ties related, before you make your purchase. Within the articles we explore every aspect of the product from the different materials used to make cable ties, to the different types and colour options available, as well as strengths and the application process.

What are Cable Ties Used for? The Different Types of Cable Ties & When to Use Them

How to Apply Cable Ties and What are the Different Cable Tie Locking Mechanisms

What Material are Cable Ties Made from? Plastic v Metal Cable Ties

What Quantities of Cable Ties are Available & How many cable ties can I fit in a box?

Printed and Coloured Cable Ties: Using Cable Ties for Identification

What are the Strongest Cable Ties? Sizes, Bundle Diameter & Strength Explained

What do you use Steel Cable Ties for? Stainless Steel Metal & Metal Detectable Cable Ties