Printed and Coloured Cable Ties: Using Cable Ties for Identification

For more specialist applications we have a range of printed and coloured cable ties for when the identification of specific cables and wires is required.

Printed cable ties are designed to include a combination of letters, numbers and colours to be printed on the ties, making them ideal for visually identifying batches of products and equipment.

These ties are as durable and effective as the standard nylon cable tie with the added functionality of allowing clear identification. 


Manufactured from nylon polymide 6/6, our printed cable ties provide the same resistance to external agents, with a flammability rating of UL 94 class v2 and a dielectric strength up to 50,000 volts/mm.

These printed and coloured cable ties provide important information for manufacturers and engineers across a range of applications.

For example, some customers use coloured cable ties to identify stock that has either passed or failed specific testing. The colour coordination provides quick and easy visual identification to mark items that pass the tests required, and easily identify those that require further investigation or attention.

 Using colours to identify different stock is only one of the uses of printed and coloured cable ties.


A popular use of printed cable ties includes sequentially numbering for product batches, along with safe working loads, and expiry dates. 

For example, some manufacturers will use printed cable ties for sequential numbering to identify batch numbers for identifying different batches making it clear which batch is which, and for what purpose.

Engineers will also use printed and coloured cable ties to mark equipment that needs to be tested every year, with different colours and coding representing expiry dates and information needed to identify. 

Alternatively, electricians may use these ties to mark out cables that are live or neutral, whilst plumbers can identify specific gas and water pipes.


You can choose to either include text, text and number or numbers onto the printed cable ties. The text only option allows for up to 36 characters in upper case only, allowing for the desired text to be added as needed within the limitation. 

For text and number combinations, you have up to 24 characters, as well as a 7 digit sequential number, which can begin at whichever number is needed.

If numbers is all you need, you can include a 7 digit sequential number only, beginning with the number of your choice. With a range of sizes to choose from, printed cable ties are available from 200mm x 4.8mm up to 430mm x 9.0mm. For any orders made, please allow 10 – 15 working days for the printing process to be completed. 

Our range of coloured cable ties come in a range of colours, with green and brown favourites with gardeners and outdoor use, whilst red colours can sometimes be used for warnings. You can find an overview of our range of coloured cable ties here, covering a range of sizes from 100mm – 780mm in length, and 2.5mm – 9.0mm in width.

For any more questions about coloured or printed cable ties please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer and questions about specifics of larger trade orders.