Wide Electrical Tape

Our wide rolls of PVC electrical insulation tapes are flexible and easy to apply to wires, circuits and connections. The premium PVC material provides long lasting protection against abrasion, extreme temperatures and moisture. It can be used for a variety of applications including insulation, protection and fixing. Available in 9 different colours. 

If you want to find out more about the different types of electrical tape and how to use it, browse our PVC Electrical Insulation Tape buyer's guide for more information. With thousands of applications, our range of tape will suit all needs from the very smallest to the largest and we stock in limitless supplies.

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Where to use wide electrical tape?

Wide electrical tape is commonly used for insulating larger cables, splicing and joining wires, as well as repairing damaged cables. It is also useful for bundling and organizing wires, as well as marking and labeling electrical components.


What is the difference between electrical tape and wide electrical tape?

The main difference is an electrical tape usually comes within the width of 19mm and a wide electrical tape comes with the width of 50mm.


If you require more information on PVC tape, check out our PVC buyers guide that we have put together just for you.