Decorating Masking Tape

This low-tack masking tape with specialist adhesive allows clean, easy removal from glass and already-painted or delicate surfaces, leaving little to no residue. This tape is often used when painting and decorating to protect window sills and skirting boards. Multi-pack savings are available for larger orders, meaning the more you buy, the more you save. GTSE offers a comprehensive range of tape, including electrical tapemasking tapeduct tapepackaging tapefoil taperepair tape and many other specialist tapes. Discover our Tape Buyer's Guides or Masking Tape Buyer's Guide for additional information.



What is a masking tape used for?

Masking tape is a low-tack, thin paper tape with a rubber-based adhesive backing. It is mainly used by professional decorators and DIYers to protect surfaces such as walls, skirting boards, switches and sockets during painting.

It can be removed quickly and easily without leaving any residue.


What's the difference between masking tape and painter's tape?

The main difference between masking tape and painter's tape is in the adhesive. Masking tape is made with stronger adhesive to securely hold things in place, while painter’s tape is designed to have gentler adhesive, commonly known as ‘low tack’. The painter's tape is much easier to remove after painting and is less likely to leave residue behind.


Who invented masking tape?

Masking tape was invented in America nearly 100 years ago in 1925 by an employee of manufacturing company 3M. Inventor Richard Drew came up with the idea after the growth in popularity of two-toned cars.

At the time, there was no quick and easy way for manufacturers to create a clean line when painting cars. Instead, workers were gluing newspapers to the chassis, which often damaged the paintwork. That was costly and time-consuming to fix, so Richard Drew spent two years experimenting before settling on the simple masking tape design we know today.


Which masking tape is best for paint?

General purpose masking tape can be used for painting with a brush or paint sprayer. Our blue UV resistant tape is more suitable for applying on surfaces in direct sunlight. It’s also handy to use when painting with white or other light colours, because the vibrant blue colour will stand out against the paint.


Is masking tape recyclable?

Although standard masking tape is made from paper, it is not usually recyclable, due to the rubber adhesive.


If you require more information on masking tape, check out our masking tape buyers guide that we have put together just for you.