GTSE offers a range of electrical products including electrical clips, electrical connector blocksfuses, fuse holders, solder, battery straps and terminals. We offer bulk discounts for larger orders. For any commercial or trade enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss your specific needs. GTSE also offers a wide range of electrical tapes as well as a huge selection of cable ties.

Take a look at our Electrical Buyer's Guides to discover all you need to know and solutions around electrical goods. 

Terminal & Connectors

Range of terminals and connectors including a various range of terminals and crimping & cutting tools.

Solder & Solder Sticks

Products include general purpose solder wire, lead free solder wire, high grade solder wire, solder stick and solder kits.

Domestic Fuses & Plugs

Domestic fuses & plugs are great items used in the home or workplace to enable products to function. 

Electrical Accessories

These accessories include products such as cable extensions, chargers, plugs & sockets and power supplies.

Electrical Clips

A range of electrical clips, insulated and non-insulated to suit a range of applications.          


Products include a range of torches & lamps to suit different applications. 



Products include a range of switches & switch accessories to suit different applications. 

Straps & Terminals

A range of battery straps and terminals fto suit a range of applications.