​Ideas for Home Office Desk Setups 2021

Posted by Tom on 28th Jun 2021

The global shift to home working over the last year has meant that more people than ever have set up offices and desk spaces to work from home.

This freedom over creating our own desk space means we can be a bit more imaginative when it comes to designing what it looks like and how it’s set up.

From including your own personal touches to keep things tidy with good cable management, there are lots of ways you can level up your desk setup for better productivity and enjoyment.

From multimedia setups, to standing desks and stylish workspaces, we’ve picked out some ideas you could include in your home.

Classic but stylish desk space

This desk setup is aesthetically pleasing with its minimal but classic look. The owner has personalised an Ikea ALEX Series desk by adding an oak top, which perfectly sets off the iMac and vertical monitor.

With a tidy approach to cable management and a high quality tan leather chair, this is a nice home office setup for those who appreciate stylish simplicity.

High spec multimedia and video editing desk setup

When you’re spending hours at your desk as a video editor or audiovisual freelancer, you want to make sure all your equipment is top of the range and your chair is comfortable.

Hollywood editor Waqas Qazi has made sure his displays are well positioned, with a large TV screen in the middle so he can see his work in ultra high definition. The speakers and acoustic soundproofing take this desk to a professional standard of quality. There are barely any cables in sight either with cable trunking in place.

Standing workstation for better posture

It’s well known that it can be bad for your health to sit down for eight hours a day. That is one reason why a standing desk is a great idea if you want to improve your home office desk setup.

Some benefits of a standing desk include lowering your risk of weight gain, reducing back pain and increasing energy levels. Web developer Jessica Chan’s setup with a motorized desk is ideal if you want to switch up your position throughout the day. The laptop and display mount stands are a useful addition for easily adjusting the screens.

Gaming PC setup for optimal performance

This colourful gaming setup by gamer and Instagram user Petculescu Danuț Marianshows what’s possible with some imagination. He’s chosen double stacked super ultrawide screens, pink backlighting, soundproofing and a sound system. Notice how tidy it looks too with minimal wires.

With well thought out cable management for your gaming PC setup, and some clever placement of LED lighting, your battlestation could look this good.

Create a calming space for deep work

Deep work is about eliminating distractions to be able to focus for long periods of time. If you’re someone who needs a lot of distraction-free thinking time in your job, creating a calming and tidy desk space is important.

Scandinavian design is a good place to go for inspiration: think of including natural materials, reduce the use of unnecessary screens and add in some restful green with detoxifying houseplants.

Personalise your space for creative workAll creatives need an inspiring work environment to generate their best ideas. Whether it’s using colour, or surrounding yourself with your favourite items, we recommend including some stimulating visuals to your workspace.

Painting your walls yellow or orange can help boost creativity as they are some of the most effective colours for boosting energy and enthusiasm. If painting is a little bit too much effort for you, why not try injecting small pops of colour using objects or prints?

Desk setup for podcasters or video calls

Do you produce podcasts, videos or just spend a lot of your work day on video calls? Adding in a good microphone, camera and headphones will turn things up a notch. Make sure you keep stray cables out the way with some cable ties.

You could even go further like Jared Spink and add in specialist lighting. Another option is adding a ring light to brighten up your face on video calls if your workspace is badly lit.

Final thoughts

You’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to ideas for setting up your desk at home. From the stylish to the practical, decide what works best for you and your job role.

Whether you need several monitors for multitasking, a standing desk for more comfort, or calming plants, there are so many options for personalising your space.

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