Why use different coloured nitrile gloves and their uses?

Disposable gloves used to only come in two colours. Latex gloves in white and nitrile gloves in blue. Now you can find disposable gloves of all colours for different uses and in different qualities.

It is important in some professions you choose the correct glove colour as this helps colour code and prevent cross-contamination.
You can categorise these nitrile gloves into three sections. Dark coloured, light coloured and bright coloured nitrile gloves.

What professions are dark coloured nitrile gloves used in?

Black Nitrile Gloves

  • Law enforcement and postal workers use black nitrile gloves to spot white substances on their hands easier
  • Black nitrile gloves are also used by mechanics it help hide grease and oils
  • Tattoo artists use black nitrile gloves as they hide ink stains and can endure tearing
  • Black nitrile gloves are commonly used in the food industry



What professions are light coloured nitrile gloves used in?

Light coloured nitrile gloves are used in industries to prevent cross-contamination. They help detect fluids and contamination.

White Nitrile Gloves

• Majority of the white gloves that you can purchase are latex gloves as that is the natural latex rubber colour in the manufacturer's process.
• Nitrile can be dyed to any colour but latex tend to be dyed and remains its natural white colour
• In medical use white gloves are helpful when double gloving as it is easy to notice tears
• Cleanrooms tend to use white gloves as it is easy to spot materials on your gloves
• Paramedics may use white gloves also to spot blood easier when on duty


Blue Nitrile Gloves

• Most common type of gloves used in the medical and scientific field
• Matches the disposable gear worn by medical experts
• Ideal as it easy to buy anywhere and cheap to purchase
• Doesn’t protect against chemotherapy drugs and other corrosives


Pink Nitrile Gloves

• Pink nitrile were manufactured to show support to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Many professions use these pink nitrile gloves for this cause.

Purple Nitrile Gloves

• Most common type of glove used by chemotherapy purposes
• Purple nitrile gloves tend to provide a strong barrier from viruses, bacteria and chemicals where fluid exposure is common
• Some research has found put that blue gloves is associated with cold hospitals and patients found purple gloves more receptive therefore purple nitrile gloves are used in this practice


What professions are bright coloured nitrile gloves used in?

Bright coloured nitrile gloves are typically used in environments where it is dark or dim.

Orange Nitrile Gloves

• Ideal for mechanics as it is easy to spot grease and oil stains
• The grabber orange nitrile gloves tends to be used commonly by petroleum workers. This is due to the gloves being ideal to use environments with chemicals and contains no latex.


Green Nitrile Gloves

• Green disposable gloves are common to use by health care professionals
• Another colour to for the professionals to use to colour code for their uses

Colour coding gloves is an important process in the world of mechanics and medical fields as it helps prevents cross-contamination. It also helps in the medical field where the double gloving technique is used.

What is double gloving?

Double Gloving is a process used in the medical practices so that it is easy to spot tears when in practise. To double glove, you tend to wear a white glove as base layer and then out a second layer of different coloured glove on top. This method is effective against blood-borne pathogens and other infectious materials. Healthcare professionals wear two layers of gloves to protect themselves. According to research, double gloving can reduce exposure to pathogens by 87%.