Hard Point Grinding Stone Set

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  • Do grinding, polishing & carving tasks easily
  • Great for both metallic & non-metallic material
  • Offers a variety of grades and shapes all mounted on spindles
  • 5 x 6mm spindle
  • 5 x 3.17mm spindle


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The hard point grinding stone set is a must-have tool for anyone seeking to carry out grinding, polishing, and carving tasks with ease. This set is ideal for working with a wide range of materials, whether they are metallic or non-metallic.

With 10 pieces of hard point grinding stones in varying grades and shapes, this set offers an array of options for fine detail abrasion tasks. The stones are easy to use, as they are mounted on spindles, which allow for quick and convenient switching between stones.

The set includes five 6mm spindles and five 3.17mm spindles, which makes it adaptable to different tasks.

The mixed assortment of stones is perfect for various jobs, such as smoothing rough edges, removing rust and corrosion, and polishing surfaces to a high shine. They are highly durable and withstand frequent use without losing their shape or becoming damaged.

Technical Information:

Package includes: 10 pieces 

5 x 6mm spindle

5 x 3.17mm spindle