Assorted Red Terminals (400 Pieces)

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  • Box of Assorted Red Terminals
  • This assorted box contains 400 units
  • Variety of 12 types including insulated
  • Used for terminating stranded wire


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Assorted box cotents:

SKU Tab Size Quantity
GCTFS288R 0.8 x 2.8mm 25
GCTFS488R 0.8 x 4.8mm 25
GCTFS638R 0.8 x 6.3mm 30
GCTFSFI488R 4.8mm 10
GCTFSFI638R 6.3mm 50
GCTBC33R 3.3mm 40
GCTR43R 4.3mm (Internal Diameter) 25
GCTR53R 5.3mm (Internal Diameter) 25
GCTR63R 6.3mm (Internal Diameter) 20
GCTR63R 6.3mm (Internal Diameter) 20
GCTTM63R 6.3mm 50
GCTBU4R 4.0mm 50
GCTBUR4R 4.0mm 50