Assorted Cord Ends French (2600 Pieces)

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  • Box of Assorted French Cord Ends
  • This assorted box contains 2600 units
  • 8 sizes included
  • Used for reinforcing fine wire strands when terminating a cable into a connector block


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Assorted box contents:

SKU Wire Range Quantity
GTSE-WCEWT0.05 0.5mm 500
GTSE-BLUCEWT0.75 0.75mm 500
GTSE-RCEWT1.0 1.0mm 500
GTSE-BCEWT1.5 1.5mm 500
GTSE-GCEWT2.5 2.5mm 500
GTSE-OCEWT4.0 4.0mm 50
GTSE-GRECEWT6.0 6.0mm 25
GTSE-BROCEWT10.0 10.0mm 25