USB Car Charger

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  • Charge your smartphones and tablets in your car
  • Can charge 3 devices with even power distribution
  • LED indicator when charging
  • Compatible plug for the car adaptor


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This single port USB vehicle charger has a 12–24-volt power output, which can quickly revive your dead device. The charger works with all iOS and Android smartphones.

The single-port USB vehicle charger is designed to offer convenience and style, and its small size makes it the ideal travel accessory. It is efficient in every way, so there’s no more need to worry about your phone dying while you're on the road.

This charger is the perfect lifesaver, because it can quickly charge 3  devices with even power distribution, whether travelling with friends or family, or commuting daily to work.

Technical Information:

  • Input: 12-24v DC
  • Output: 5v 1000m
  • Colour: Vary
  • Pack: 1