Which tapes are best for outdoor use?

There are lots of types of tape which can be used outdoors, but some are more durable and water resistant than others. 

It’s important that tape used outdoors is designed to withstand the elements, including UV rays, hot weather, wind, rain and freezing temperatures. 

Duct tape 


Duct tape is an ideal tape to use outdoors. It is a heavy duty tape used for binding, fixing things securely and making repairs. 

Made with incredibly strong polycloth material and an adhesive coated with a synthetic rubber, it performs in some of the most extreme weather conditions. 

It is water resistant and can cope with temperatures from well below freezing (-15°C) to heat of up to 70°C, meaning it can withstand the rays from the sun on the hottest days. 

Duct tape has the strongest adhesion out of all tapes, so is suitable for use in all types of weather. 

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PVC electrical insulation tape 


PVC electrical tape can also be used outdoors, due to its material. It is manufactured using premium grade plasticised PVC film. It is mainly used by electricians to apply insulating protective jackets to cables, wires, as well as labelling and making repairs. 

It is designed to withstand the elements, is UV resistant, flexible and has good protection against abrasion. It has a wide temperature rating, from -18°C to +105°C and is also self-extinguishing in fires. 

PVC electrical insulation tape is not waterproof but it does provide some protection against moisture. It needs to be applied in half-lapped layers to provide the ultimate protection. 

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Silicone tape 


Silicone tape is a weather resistant tape used to waterproof joints or make temporary repairs to leaking pipes. It is made of self-fusing silicone rubber and is UV resistant. It has an operating temperature range, going from -20 °C to an incredible 250°C. 

Our self amalgamating waterproof tape is ideal for outdoor use. Its clever design and ethylene propylene rubber material means that it bonds to itself to create a watertight seal around leaking pipes and joints. It has a continuous temperature rating of 90°C, and an overload temperature rating of 130°C.

This high quality tape uses no glue. Once stretched and wrapped around the object which needs repairing, the tape fuses to itself. It has to be applied with a 50% overlap as it only bonds to itself. Our self amalgamating waterproof tape is also resistant to chemicals. 

Warning barrier tape


Warning barrier tape is a highly-visible tape used for marking or cordoning off areas, both inside buildings and outdoors. It is a simple, quick and cost-effective way to highlight hazards and is mostly used by facility managers, construction site workers and emergency services.

It is durable in most weather because it’s made of polyethylene (PE) film and is non-adhesive. It also has a tensile strength of 6 N/cm, so can resist strong winds. However, it is not rated to withstand temperatures below freezing (from 0°C to 60°C). 

Our warning barrier tape comes in rolls measuring 500 metres long, so you’ll have plenty of tape available to use.

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Where to buy tape for outdoor use

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