Spindle Mounted End Wire Brush - 22mm

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  • Perfect for removal of rust, burr, and surplus rubber and many more
  • Great for paint stripping, deburring, descaling, mat sanding, etc
  • Made of corrosion-resistant & durable material
  • Built-in twist knot
  • Size: 22mm Diameter


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This spindle-mounted end wire brush makes your rust, burr, and surplus rubber removal tasks a breeze. Perfect for a multitude of tasks; such as removing paint, smoothing rough edges, removing scale and mat sanding.

This wire brush is made of materials that won't rust and are durable. It can handle the toughest jobs. Its 22mm diameter makes it ideal for precise work and getting into small spaces. The brush also has a built-in twist knot that ensures the wire works well and lasts as long as possible.

Whether you're a mechanic, welder, or metalworker, this wire brush is a must-have for removing rust and other unwanted materials from your workpieces.

Technical Information:

  • Size: 22mm Diameter