What are vinyl gloves and what are they used for?

Vinyl gloves are popular due to the gloves being cheaper and easier to access than the other disposable gloves. They are great for everyday use and easy to dispose once you are done using them. Our range of vinyl gloves feature both lightly powdered and powder free option. 

What are vinyl gloves made from?


Disposable vinyl gloves are manufactured using a material called polyvinyl chloride or PVC and during the manufacturing process, a type of plasticiser is used so that the gloves become more elastic. They are also latex free and are suitable for users that need disposable gloves that have an allergic reaction to latex. These gloves are ideal for low risk tasks where gloves are needed for a small period of time and as well wanting something very flexible and thin to carry out applications efficiently and quickly.

Where are vinyl gloves used?

Vinyl gloves are popular within a lot of industries due to their cost and their ability to be used in a large range of applications. When latex and nitrile are seen as an expensive option, many turn to disposable vinyl gloves as the best alternative due to it being cost effective.

Here are some examples of how vinyl gloves are used in some industries:

  • General household cleaning use: You can also find vinyl gloves in the common household for cleaning purposes as they keep your hands safe from chemicals and other substances which may cause skin irritation.
  • School and universities: Often used in environments such as labs when dealing with low risk chemicals in chemistry classes as well as dissecting animals in biology classes. Vinyl gloves can be used within the food technology also as it help prevents cross-contamination.
  • Painting and Printing: Ideal to use in this industry as working in this environment includes coming to regular contact with dyes and paints which can leave stains on your skin. The gloves provide a barrier for this. 
  • Food preparations: Disposable vinyl gloves are the most popular type of gloves used within the food industry due to the gloves being so budget friendly and easy to apply and use. The gloves are also food safe as it has been certified for food contact. Although they are not ideal for long-term handling fatty food as it may cause erosion of the vinyl material.
  • Catering industry: The industry relies on these gloves to ensure that hygienic standards are met. They reduce the risk of cross-contamination, especially when dealing with food that may cause allergies. They are very easy to dispose of after use and therefore reduce the risk of transferring bacteria around the vicinity.
  • Medical Sector: It helps that vinyl gloves are latex free which makes it is useful in the medical sector as these can be used for patients who are allergic to latex. It can be used for certain tasks and procedures of low risk but they are not ideal when coming into contact with blood. Vinyl gloves does not protect you against blood borne pathogens, including viruses.