Leak Detector Aerosol/Spray (400ml) - Box of 12

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  • Item is only available for customers over the age of 18+
  • Penetrating aerosol/spray that is perfect for detecting dangerous gas leaks in air line and air brake systems
  • Mechanism: Aerosol spray with long straw attached for correct application
  • Ideal for LPG Gas systems - Non corrosive spray with non-flammable formula
  • 12 x 400ml
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This leak detector aerosol spray provides an efficient method of identifying costly and dangerous gas leaks. The 400ml can is able to detect leaks in brake systems of commercial vehicles, gas leaks in air line and gas systems as well as LPG Gas systems.

The aerosol spray can features a long straw for accurate application and so anyone can apply this to identify a gas leak. With just a push of the spray, you can identify leaks easily and quickly. This will help you avoid the cost or dangers that a gas leak may bring.

This spray also uses a non-flammable formula to protect users from accidents, as well as a non-corrosive feature.

Technical Information:

  • Mechanism: Aerosol spray with attached extension straw
  • 12 x 400ml
  • Can be used for LPG Gas systems
  • Non corrosive spray
  • Non-flammable formula

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