Jig Saw Blade Set - Bosch Fit (14 Pieces)

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  • Easily cut and curve your wood in shapes
  • Perfect for fast, straight, accurate and rough cuts
  • Great for softwood, hardwood, laminated boards and many more materials
  • Use for home improvement, DIY jobs, electrician and plumbing tasks
  • Package includes 14 pieces


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Easily cut and bend wood into many different shapes with our 14-piece set of Bosch fit jig saw blades. Perfect for any job where you need to cut quickly, straight, accurately or roughly; this blade set lets you work with a wide range of materials, such as softwood, hardwood, laminated boards, and more.

This set of jig saw blades is perfect for a wide range of uses, and is a must-have for anyone who carries out home repairs, DIY projects, or works as an electrician, plumber, or in another trade. Containing 14 pieces, this set ensures you'll always have the correct tool for the job at hand.

Technical Information:

  • Package includes: 14 pieces
  • Bosch fit