​Reusable Cable Ties: Why You Should Consider Using Them

Posted by Adina on 23rd Dec 2021

When it comes to cable ties, there are many different types of cable ties, including heavy-duty, stainless steel, push mount and these are usually considered as single-use cable ties. However, another variant of standard cable ties are reusable cable ties (commonly referred to as releasable cable ties). Reusable cable ties differ from single-use cable ties as they are more adaptable, viable and can be reused for multiple purposes.

Depending on the purpose of your job or project, you need to take into consideration which is the right type of cable. Let’s find out why you should consider using reusable cable ties.

What are Releasable Cable Ties?

Releasable cable ties are a type of reusable cable tie. As releasable cable ties can be reused, they are generally a little bit more costly than standard cable ties. But how do releasable cable ties work? The head of the cable tie has a trigger style quick release mechanism that can be released by hand to stop the teeth biting into the head. This allows the cable tie to be undone, making these ties ideal as a temporary fastening solution. The easy to release clip allows you to reopen these cable ties to either reuse over and over again, or reopen to allow new wires to be added to an existing bundle.

Perfect for use in bundling and organisation jobs where changes are anticipated. Releasable cable ties give you the freedom to rearrange or adjust at any time, without having to use a new cable tie each time, making them more ecological.

Releasable Cable Ties vs Non-Releasable Cable Ties

Looking at cable ties, you may not be able to easily tell how standard and releasable cable ties may differ. Once a standard cable tie is tightened and secured in place, most often the only way to remove it is to cut it, thus breaking it and making it unable to be reused. A releasable cable tie, on the other hand, can be quickly and easily detached without harming or damaging the tie itself. It can then be easily re-tightened or utilised in an entirely different application altogether.

Standard Cable Ties

Single use cable ties are primarily known as standard cable ties, as they were the first to be invented by Maurus C. Logan in 1958. They are widely used to fasten and hold numerous items together, some items include bundling together cables and wires. At GTSE, we offer a variety of single use cable ties, such as nylon, coloured, stainless steel, double loop, screw mount and more.

Reusable Cable Ties

Whereas, reusable cable ties also come in a variety of different types including releasable cable ties (resembling standard cable ties) and hook and loop ties. Reusable cable ties are preferable to single-use cable ties because they are more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and versatile, making them ideal for most applications.

Types of Reusable Cable Ties

Before starting any job, it is worth trying to get the right cable tie for the project that you are working on. Reusable cable ties are available in a broad assortment of sizes and colours, and offer the same versatility and functionality as standard cable ties. The different types of reusable cable ties include the following:

Releasable Extended Tooth Cable Ties

Extended tooth releasable cable ties have a longer tooth on the head of the cable ties, than standard cable ties. This acts as a trigger and quick release mechanism in order for the cable tie to be reusable. These cable ties will remain securely locked until intentionally released by the trigger release mechanism. At GTSE, we supply these in both black and natural colours in 4.8mm and 9.0mm widths. Along with various lengths available.

Technical information is as follows:

  • Colour: Black or Natural
  • Material: Nylon polyamide 6/6
  • Releasable Mechanism: Extended tooth release mechanism
  • Flammability rating: UL 94 class V2
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Dielectric strength: 50,000 volts/mm
  • Resistance: Resistant to external agents

Releasable Trigger Cable Ties

Trigger style releasable cable ties are perfect for organising cables and wiring around the home and workplace as they have a strong nylon polyamide 6/6 material that can be used for bundling computer cables, electrical appliance wiring and more together. The easy to release clip allows you to reopen these cable ties to either reuse over and over again, or to reopen to allow new wires to be added to an existing bundle.

The technical information for releasable cable ties are:

  • Colour: Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow
  • Material: Nylon polyamide 6/6
  • Pack Quantity: 100
  • Flammability rating: UL 94 class V2
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Dielectric strength: 50,000 volts/mm
  • Min. Tensile Strength (KG): 22
  • Resistance: Resistant to external agents
  • Mechanism: Easy to use quick trigger style release mechanism

Hook & Loop Cable Ties

These hook and loop cable ties are reusable and with a 150mm (6”) strap can also be used for a variety of jobs. Made with nylon and polyethylene, these ties are very useful for computers and other data cables as they will not crush the cables and cause any damage.

The hook and loop system makes them very flexible and easy to use. We supply these ties in packs of 50 and the technical information are:

  • Colour: Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow
  • Material: Nylon (Loop), Polyethylene (Hook)
  • Size: 150mm x 12mm
  • Pack Quantity: 50
  • Operating temperature: -200°C to +75°C


Cable ties come in a variety of sizes, lengths, colours and materials, so it’s important that you know which type you need before you make a start on any job. At GTSE, we stock a wide variety of cable ties available to purchase in bulk. For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team either by live chat, email or phone.