​Industry Spotlight: Cable Ties & Tapes for Events and Hospitality

Posted by Tom on 12th Jun 2023

In the ever-changing world of Events and Hospitality, nylon cable ties are the unassuming accessories. They function to create easy installations. In this article we discuss why nylon cable ties are the go-to-solution in the world of small gatherings and large-scale events.

Decorative Enhancements

Standard nylon cable ties have a vast range of sizes and colours available. These cable ties fit well into the aesthetic of an event or can function as vibrant accents. They can be used in floral arrangements, hangings, string-lights and even jewellery and artistic festive decors to create unique designs and installations. You’re only limited by your imagination! All this alongside creating tight and secure connections which ensures that all the elements remain in the right place. This makes cable ties the cost effective and go-to solution for adding visual appeal for any event.

Temporary Installations

Events and hospitality occasions can be time sensitive. This calls for quick and efficient setting up and take-downs. Nylon cable ties are uniquely made in this regard as its use can enable swift and temporary installations. This might look like displaying banners from the sides of buildings or ceilings or fashioning temporary fencing and partitions. Since cable ties can be tightened and released with minimal effort, they are able to provide the necessary flexibility to adapt and change to the needs and timeframes of any event.

Cable Management

The original purpose of cable ties is to manage effectively bundles of cables and wires. In any gathering, it is especially important to avoid any tangling, confusion and clutter. With cable ties, you will not only improve the speed of setup and breakdown but also be able to quickly deal with any troubleshooting and maintenance, delivering uninterrupted service during the event.

Safety Measures

In any gathering, we can all agree that safety is the utmost priority. Our nylon cable ties are integral in maintaining a protected environment. We have already mentioned how they maintain cords and cables, but they can also be employed for crowd control, signage and creating barricades. They are such a simple and effective solution to enable the safe and organised environment that is required in events and hospitality.

Another product that may come in use during large events can be hazard tapes. They are a solution to lock of sections of an event and control crowd in the presence of an emergency. 

The fact cable ties are used again and again practically, creatively and reliably make them the best solution for small and large gatherings. As the fast-paced industry rapidly evolves, nylon cable ties will remain a permanent fixture that unassumingly elevates the experience of both guests and professionals alike. Choosing these cable ties will valuably contribute to a safe, creative and successful project. 

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