GTSE Social Update: May 2024

Posted by Cris on 9th May 2024

Here are some updates on what Team GTSE got up to over the last month. 

London Marathon 2024

Flo, our senior merchandiser and systems analyst, recently took part in the annual London Marathon. Clocking in at 03:07:30, she finished just two minutes shy of her personal best. Impressively, among the 28,276 female participants, Flo secured a spot in the top 2%, a testament to her dedication during the 16-week training period leading up to the event. This year, the London Marathon saw an unprecedented turnout, with over 65,000 individuals crossing the finish line, marking a record-breaking achievement.

Social Nights

Our recent socials included going to Flight Club Manchester and Urban Playground – Mini Golf in the Manchester Arndale centre.

Flight Club

The GTSE team hit the Flight Club in Manchester and let's just say, it got competitive!

* Demolition: Tom - Putting all others to shame with the highest 3-dart score!

* Queen of the Snakes & Ladders: Louise - This game tested our precision, but Louise took the crown!

* Killer: Cris - Dominating the games with the most kills!

* Overall winner: Chris - Got the most points throughout the night!

Such a great night bonding with the team outside the office.

Mini Golf Night – Urban Playground

We also recently organised a mini-golf night, and it was a hit with everyone. The evening brimmed with camaraderie, enjoyment, and laughter. It provided our team with a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.