6 Emergency Uses for Cable Ties

Posted by Adina on 29th Sep 2021

When putting together a packing list for an expedition, cable ties may not always come to mind. However, you’d be surprised how these handy tools have multiple uses. Cable ties are great items to keep with you at all times when hiking, camping, or travelling locally or globally.

Traditionally coming in pack quantities of 10, cable ties are lightweight, strong, and durable. So, all the more reason to have a handful with you in your travel bag. We’re sure they’re bound to come in use in certain situations, especially any immediate and emergency circumstances.

Here are six potential uses for cables ties to get you started:

1. Building a Shelter

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Whether you’re out camping or hiking, keeping warm and finding shelter will be your first priorities. In this case, if you’re running short on rope to bind together your shelter or tarp, cable ties are a strong alternative and will aid you. If you’re trying to set up shelter quickly, cable ties can help save time and replace more tedious tasks.

Using cable ties is quicker than tying knots, especially in extreme temperatures or climates, mainly using larger cable ties. Cable ties can be an asset when pitching a shelter, for example, using them to tie a tarp around a tree branch. If you’re leaning more towards creating shelter resembling a teepee rather than a tent, you can lash together fallen branches in order to secure beams.

We recommend: Using biodegradable cable ties for building a shelter may be for a temporary or short-term basis and if left discarded, they will decompose within 2 years under prolonged exposure to UV light, heat, moisture, and micro-organisms. Take a look at our biodegradable cable ties.

2. First Aid

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If an emergency strikes, and you don’t have any tape to seal bandages, reusable cable ties are a temporary solution for holding a bandage in place over an open wound. It is vital that you’re able to reduce the bleeding as quickly as possible. Tightening a cable tie around the bandage will secure it into place, which will keep the wound pressed against the bandage to reduce the risk of infection.

Please remember that cable ties can be used as a last resort and temporary solution until further medical or first aid assistance becomes available.

We recommend: As a temporary and stable alternative for securing bandages, hook and loop cable ties/straps are a great variant of cable ties. They are reusable and if you’re looking for plastic free cable ties, our hook and loop cable ties will help get the job done.

3. Garden Helper

Image Credits: Anonymous via GTSE Reviews

Cable ties are extremely useful around the home and garden, mainly for tasks such as gardening and quick repairs. If your garden has plants and flowers that need to be staked, you can keep them upright using cable ties. As these cable ties will be for outdoor use, it would be beneficial to look for cable ties with UV and heat resistant properties. If you’re worried about your cable ties moving or sliding out of place, you can staple your ties in place.

Be mindful that your plants need enough room to continue growing, so be sure to adjust your ties as your plants grow, using releasable cable ties will make this transition easy. When it comes to maintaining or repairing your garden, you may need to mend metal or chain link fencing by using cable ties to connect them to a post. However, if you’re looking for garden security, attaching them to gate locks will add that little bit more security to your property.

We recommend: If you’re deciding to use cable ties for outdoor heavier items or tasks for a long amount of time, your best choice would be UV and heat resistant cable ties for extra durability and strength.

4. Shoe Laces

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Whether you’ve lost, forgotten, or decided to use your shoelaces for rope/string in an emergency, you can use cable ties as a good replacement. Not everyone will think of keeping a spare in your belongings, however, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re without laces, we’ve got you covered.

Making sure your shoes or boots are secure whilst hiking is vital, as walking for long periods if time with loosely fitted footwear can rub against the skin developing blistering or bruises. To help secure your footwear, thread a cable tie through the eyelets of your shoes. Your best options would be releasable or hook & loop cable ties, as they are both reusable and can be undone. Using traditional cable ties will restrict you from being able to remove or adjust your shoes comfort levels.

We recommend: If you’ve lost or forgotten your shoe laces, our reusable releasable cable ties will be an easy solution for this short-term issue. As they allow you to undo and re-attach them at your own convenience.

5. Security for Personal Belongings

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Going on holiday, whether local or abroad, is something everyone looks forward to. A priority when travelling is making sure your personal belongings and luggage stay safe away from potential thieves. Most people used padlocks as a stable source of security when going abroad, however, nowadays these unfortunately can be easily removed.

Since luggage locks are widely made, many variants of the keys are available making them easy to get past and reattach without you knowing that your belongings have been tampered with. While doubling up on locks or getting personal combination locks are viable options, using heavy duty cable ties can be a great alternative instead. Cable ties can be used as an additional layer of security that you’d be able to see has been removed or cut to gain access to your belongings.

If you’re being extra cautious, try to use cable ties that are the same colour as your luggage or at least blend in well so that it doesn’t draw any unwanted attention. Make sure your cable ties are fastened tightly and the excess has been cut off.

We recommend: Keeping your luggage and personal items safe is a priority for most, especially whilst travelling. If you’re looking for a strong alternative to luggage locks, our nylon cable ties are available for a multitude of purposes and will blend well into similar coloured surroundings.

6. Highlighting Trails

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Hiking on unknown paths can be daunting when you’re unsure if you’re going the correct way, so typically setting trail markers can help keep you orientated on your journey. However, if you’re without trail markers, coloured or fluorescent cable ties would be beneficial as they are easy to spot within a natural environment.

Whether day or night, bringing a pack of brightly coloured cable ties will allow you to easily mark off your trail in a survival scenario. You can easily attach these markers to branches or place them in the ground as you’ll be able to keep track of where you’ve walked, or in an emergency, provide a highlighted trail for rescuers to follow to your aid.

If you’re colour blind, this is where printed cable ties come in handy to use. If you use a combination of non-printed and printed cable ties, you can differentiate between numbers or letters to help navigate your way back to safety.

We recommend: If you are orienteering or on a hike, bringing a handful of our coloured cable ties would be ideal for identification, marking, and labelling trails.

Final Thoughts?

Cable ties are one of the most versatile supply items that you can own. Helping you accomplish tasks in the most uncertain situations, as you can see there are many uses for cable ties. However, before making a purchase, there are a few things to consider.

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