Assorted Compression Springs (70 Pieces)

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  • Box of Assorted Compression Springs
  • This assorted box contains 70 units
  • 10 various Sizes
  • Work by pushing against and back a downward / inward force and hold them in a compressed state


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This assorted box contains the following content:


Qty Length Diameter
4 94mm 14mm
5 70mm 10.5mm
5 76mm 8mm
5 101mm 8mm
5 40mm 17.5mm
5 65.5mm 10mm
5 8.5mm 10.5mm
5 16mm 16.5mm
5 24.5m 7.5mm
4 32mm 6mm
2 25mm 6mm
6 28.5mm 7.5mm
5 25.5mm 12.5mm
5 49.5mm 12.5mm
5 58mm 14mm

Content May Vary within Assorted Boxes