Assorted box of Mild Steel Mini Hose Clips (110 Pieces)

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  • Perfect for applications involving a range mini mild steel hose clip sizes
  • 9 sizes from 1-9mm to 15-17mm
  • Pack of 110
  • Multi-pack savings are available for larger orders


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This mixed sizes set of mini mild steel hose clips comes in a pack of 110.

The various sizes cover a range of band widths to suit a range of applications.

Multi-pack savings are available for larger orders, meaning the more you buy, the more you save.


  • 10 x GTSE-MSMHC9 (7-9mm)
  • 10 x GTSE-MSMHC10 (8-10mm)
  • 15 x GTSE-MSMHC11 (9-11mm)
  • 15 x GTSE-MSMHC12 (10-12mm)
  • 15 x GTSE-MSMHC13 (11-13mm)
  • 15 x GTSE-MSMHC14 (12-14mm)
  • 10 x GTSE-MSMHC15 (13-15mm)
  • 10 x GTSE-MSMHC16 (14-16mm)
  • 10 x GTSE-MSMHC17 (15-17mm)

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