Anti-Arc Protection - 12V (Pack of 1)

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  • Protect your devices from voltage spikes
  • Features + and – pools of the battery
  • Replaceable with the anti-arc protection
  • Acts as a fuse
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This anti-arc protection protects your car's electronics by absorbing the overvoltage peak during welding operations or vehicle interventions.

When welding, an anti-arc welding protector safeguards the vehicle's electrics. The Green Power LED indicator Overvoltage protection for welding is indicated by a red LED and a buzzer.Please note, for systems using 12V or 24V, one or two units are needed.

Alternatively, by placing the crocodile clips over the battery terminals,this inverter will protect the battery in your car, and the LED light will shine when everything is connected correctly.

Technical Information:

  • Green LED on with and without buzzer sounds
  • Pack: 1