Air Conditioning Refresher Aerosol/Spray (90ml) - Box of 12

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  • Deep cleaning air-con treatment used to eliminate odour-causing microbes and provide a long-lasting clean of the AC system
  • Cleans, sanitises and deodorises - Destroys mildew, fungi and bacteria and eliminates odours
  • Mechanism: Aerosol spray
  • 12 x 90ml
  • Multi-pack savings are available for larger orders


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This deep-cleaning air conditioning cleaner is the professional solution for clean and sanitary AC systems for all vehicles. This fast, effective, easy-to-use spray eliminates odour-causing microbes and provides a long-lasting clean of the entire system in under twenty minutes.

Air conditioning units naturally become contaminated over time with moisture and microbes and therefore need to be cleaned efficiently to restore their freshness. The build-up of bacteria and mildew in an AC system can lead to foul odours, while also interrupting a clean and efficient air flow.

An unclean air conditioning system – as well as being a hazard to drivers – can also present an annoyance to drivers and passengers alike. For ultimate freshness, it is advised to clean your car’s AC every six months. 

Multi-pack savings are available for larger orders, meaning the more you buy, the more you save.

Technical information:

  • Fast, effective, simple to use
  • Cleans, sanitises and deodorises air conditioning systems
  • Deodorises carpets, upholstery and interior
  • Long lasting deep clean
  • Eliminates harmful mildew, fungi and bacteria
  • Removes persistent stubborn odours Complete air con system clean in 20 minutes
  • Mechanism: Aerosol spray
  • 12 x 90ml

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